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Production Readiness Review

Hopefully, your Chinese supplier is doing a pilot run or runs using the same lines, equipment, and staff as will be used for mass production in their factory before going on to manufacture your product in large quantities.

A pilot run’s purpose is to confirm that the factory’s production processes, staff and equipment, as well as the testing stations along the production line, are capable of making your products in the quantity you require on time and at the expected quality.
Your risks of things going wrong in mass production increase if:

New productions of more complex products are always more at risk of unpleasant surprises in the first mass-production batches, for a variety of reasons.

In these cases, some of our customers choose this service for their peace of mind as we send our engineer to review the pilot run/s on-site as they happen. The engineer then highlights any concerns or errors to yourself and the supplier, especially those that might be missed due to it being a new production, before you clear them to start mass production and use large quantities of components.

What we do for you in this review

Your RSQ-Labs engineer goes on-site to your supplier’s factory around the time they’re doing the PVT pilot run/s. Their goal is to confirm that mass production can be started with minimal risks.

All projects vary, however, a typical review* will likely include a check on:


Assembly line setup

Materials delivery to the line


The engineer will provide a report which highlights the most serious issues they found, specifically quality and capacity problems that might hinder and slow down the transition into mass production.

*Pilot runs are meant to confirm and validate that the manufacturing process is sound. If issues are found by the manufacturer they may pause the process while they make adjustments. Our engineer, therefore, can only report on what can be observed and analyzed on their visit.

What does it cost?

The production readiness review starts from US$399 (for 1 day) for many major manufacturing areas in China.

It will usually take 2 to 4 days in order to cover the above points and create a report. 

Costs may vary depending on your supplier’s factory location.

Let’s have a conversation about your production readiness review

If you’re ready to discuss arranging your review, get in touch with us by hitting the button below and telling us a little about your project so we can contact you to provide feedback and a quotation.
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