RSQ Test Labs | Product Reliability, Safety, and Compliance Testing

Product Reliability & Safety testing and Failure Analysis Laboratories, near Shenzhen.
We support various products from a range of industries for Reliability, Safety and Compliance testing, to meet your market objectives and goals.

Mobile phone

  • Water ingress (IPXX) test
  • Abrasion test
  • Random tumble drop test
  • Fingerprint sensor life test
  • Steel ball lens ball drop display impact test

Power Bank

  • Temperature shock functioning text
  • Water ingress test
  • Abrasion test
  • Battery test


  • Controlled drop and bump test
  • Salt fog rust and corrosion test
  • Battery test
  • Acceleration test
  • Regulatory tests (FCC, UL, CE, UKCA)


  • High temp, low temp, and humidity test cycling
  • Power input USB connector life test (plugging in and unplugging)
  • Perspiration (artificial sweat) test
  • Dust ingress test


  • Vibration test
  • Button touch tactile life test
  • UV-A radiation functioning test
  • Sand and dust ingress test
  • ISTA-2A transportation tests


  • Fatigue test (opening & closing)
  • Load test
  • Waterproof test
  • Colourfastness test

Why Choose RSQ-Labs?

1. You have been developing a new type of electro-mechanical product and you need a solution for improving your product design, qualifying components, troubleshooting issues, and more generally reducing technical and regulatory risks

2. You don't have the budget to set up your own team and purchase the testing equipment.

Only established companies usually have the budget for this, so you’re not alone.

3. A famous international testing house sells testing, but isn’t interested in providing guidance or solutions to your issues.
Those groups have organized their labs like mass production units. They love doing repetitive, standardized work. There is very little managerial or engineering work to spend when a work order already corresponds to a procedure, trained labor, and equipment. They want to sell testing, not guidance or solutions.

4. Local testing labs only have limited ability and their knowledge of your market’s compliance regulations is far from certain.
Many of them are set up to do the work larger labs want to subcontract -- simple and repetitive work only. Others may have more of a full offer, but will they understand the intended use of your product, and will they be familiar with the compliance requirements of the countries where you will sell? What happens if they are wrong?

5. Your own manufacturer might have an incentive not to disclose manufacturing issues they find during testing.
Maybe you are working with a large manufacturer that has its own internal lab. But is there a chance they might cover up some manufacturing issues when they review failed samples? Maybe they might be tempted to suggest only simple tests, so you don't make their lab very busy? Relying solely on them is not wise.

What do you expect from your testing laboratory?

You need a lab that not only can perform and manage your testing needs but also can provide professional advice and run complex analyses where needed. A lab specializing in electronic products sold in Western countries, run by an experienced team of engineers.

How we work

RSQ-Labs projects usually follow this process:

rsq the way we work
Collect the information about the product, its features, its intended use, and its countries of sale
We prepare a test plan, some of which is typically customized to your specific needs, and a quotation
We receive samples, run the tests, alert you if needed, review the findings, and send you the report

Reliability and Safety Tests You Can Select

RSQ-Labs provides a wide range of environmental and mechanical tests to suit your project. Let’s look at some of tests and services provided at key points during a product design, development, and manufacturing project:

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