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Electronics Quality Assurance Program

Sometimes the SMEs and hardware startups that RSQ-Labs works with don’t have a lot of experience in bringing new electronic products to market in a structured way that assures low quality risks. So, in this program, our electronic, process, quality, and reliability engineers become a ‘part of your team,’ offering their support and filling the gaps in your knowledge and ability during the whole of your new product launch project.

You face a lot of risks that can affect quality during the process of developing, manufacturing, and launching your new electronic product. A poor-quality product results in expensive repairs or rework, customer returns, negative reviews, and, in the worst cases, hazards for your customers.
You can bring us in to help at any point to suit you, starting during product development, at the transfer to manufacturing, and/or during mass production.

What’s included in a typical QA program?

Every product and launch is different, so our engineers will perform various tasks for each client.
Here are some of the typical approaches we take to support your launch, assuming that product design & development is finished:

What does a QA program cost?

Your program will consist of both office work and on-site work in your supplier’s factory. Costs start at 34 USD per hour for office work, and 299 USD per man-day for work in factories (to be confirmed once we know where the factory is located as costs can vary based on location).

Contact us to have a conversation about your product, needs, and concerns, and we will give you more information about what the program might consist of and cost in your case.

Talk to us about your QA program

If you’re ready to discuss setting up a QA program for your electronic product, get in touch with us by hitting the button below and telling us a little about your project and quality expectations so we can contact you and give you a tailored quotation.
  • Attach any files you think we should see, such as an image of your product (optional, we do not share anything with 3rd parties)