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New Product Development Process
Deliverables Review

Some of the clients using RSQ-Labs for their product testing don’t have the time or knowledge to check if the Chinese manufacturer they’re using to help develop their electro-mechanical or hard good product before producing it has missed an important task or step in the new product development process.

In these cases, our in-house product engineers can step in and carefully check everything that your supplier has been doing so far in order to avoid and reduce any risks that you’ll suffer from quality, reliability, and safety issues when the product is manufactured.

What we do for you in this review

Our experienced engineers review what your supplier has already done so far in the new product development work in order to find any missing steps or gaps that could ruin your project.

Missing steps?

For example, you need to know that they’re following your quality standard; that they have tested and validated the product to assure its reliability and safety, and that they have taken steps to assure that the manufacturing process won’t throw up any unexpected quality-reducing issues.

The information we need to gather

We typically ask you and your supplier for information on the following topics:

After we have received the information, we check it and produce a report. If the information is provided all together in a shared folder, together with 1 overall brief, this is the most efficient way to do the review. Some information can be provided in the first stage and the rest later – that works fine.

When to do this review?

This review is suitable for when your relatively complicated and new electro-mechanical product that has been designed and developed in China is getting ready to go into the pre-production preparation stage. To use the jargon of the USA consumer electronics industry, this is best started in EVT or DVT, and continued into PVT.

Is there any follow-up work after the review is complete?

This is your decision. You may decide to take the review information and instruct your supplier to make changes where required before mass production is allowed to start, for instance.

Some of our clients choose for us to subsequently do a ‘Production Readiness Review’ during the pilot run/s. For this service, we do an on-site review at your supplier’s factory when they’re doing the pilot run/s before mass production begins. Our engineer will confirm your product’s readiness to start production based on the situation they observe on the ground. In this way, you get even more peace of mind that the risks of widespread defects, high scrap rates, long delays, etc. occurring during mass production are as low as possible.

What does it cost?

The review is charged at US$45 per hour. We can suggest a quotation once we have some information about the product.

Let’s have a conversation about your NPD
deliverables review

If you’re ready to discuss arranging your review, get in touch with us by hitting the button below and telling us a little about your project so we can contact you to provide feedback and a quotation.
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